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We combine artificial intelligence with a team of professional wellness coaches to help you feel like the best version of yourself.

Still feeling overwhelmed today?


I hear ya. You’re not alone in feeling this way. 43% of the Joy community has felt similar to you over the past week, though I know that doesn't make these feelings any easier...

I noticed you completed 2/3 of your daily goals for yesterday...nice job! How'd it feel to make progress on your eating habits and mindfulness routine?

So good! Those definitely help with some of the anxieties I have. Sometimes I just feel like my thoughts are all over the place, which makes it really hard to get stuff done

I've got a great exercise for you that I think could really help you make sense of these thoughts and not let them dictate how you live your life. Want to give it a go?

Sounds right up my alley...let's do it!

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Awesome job completing that exercise...pretty helpful, huh?! Let's add Leaves on a Stream to your Joy Plan for tomorrow.

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Venting Sessions

Sometimes, we just need someone else to hear us out. We’re ready to listen and offer support on whatever might be bothering you.

Coping Techniques

Learn research-backed techniques to help ease your anxiety, get you out of that funk, boost your self-confidence, and more.

Personal happiness roadmap

We’ll start by designing your perfect day. Over time, we'll build an action oriented roadmap to keep you feeling great.

Detect emotional undertones

Understand what’s causing you to feel certain ways and how your thoughts, moods, behaviors, and more are all intertwined.

Judgement free zone

We create a safe, judgement free space to get judgement free emotional support and guideance on whatever you're struggling with.

Anonymous and private

We get it, this stuff is personal. We’ll keep it that way. Everything you talk about with Joy is completely private and will never be shared publicly.

Our community speaks for itself 🗣

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