Transforming the way we measure and care for mental health

Our real-time mobile measurement platform lowers the barriers and costs for effective mental health screening, monitoring, and management.

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What we do

Automated clinical measures

Choose from a plethora of measures and batteries and we'll handle sending them out and scoring results. Patients can complete assessments via SMS, email, or our mobile app. We'll stream actionable scores and symptom profiles back to you in real-time.

Reduce patient no-shows

We engage with patients on a regular basis, keeping them engaged with care and reducing the chance of no-shows. Our platform helps patients understand their mental health and adhere to their treatment plan.

Maximize reimbursement revenue

Simply enroll patients on our platform and start earning reimbursement revenue. We handle billing & insurance so you can focus on your patient. A single clinician can earn up to $40,000 per year using our platform with minimal additional effort required.

How it works

Order HelloJoy monitoring for a patient

We'll reach out to patients on your behalf. They can access HelloJoy via SMS, Email, or our free mobile app. We use both clinically valid measures alongside our proprietary behavioral sensing technology.

Gain access to evidence-based insights

Gain access to real-time scores, results, and symptom profiles to help you make more informed, objective treatment decisions.

Seamless reimbursement compensation

We belive providers should be properly compensated for helping to boost outcomes. We'll bill insurance on your behalf so you can focus on caring for patients.

Frequently asked questions

Is your platform HIPAA compliant?

Yes, it’s 100% HIPAA compliant. We take data privacy extremely seriously and have put the proper controls and security measures in place to ensure our platform is secure.

How do I view/monitor my patient's measurements?

You can view your patient's data through our easy to use web dashboard. You can also set up custom alerts if you want to be notified of significant changes in a patient's symptoms.

What do you measure and monitor?

We offer a plethora of clinically valid measures and batteries that you can mix and match to your liking (e.g. PHQ-9). Our mobile app also passively measures behavior risk factors such as physical activity, sleep, movement & mobility, phone usage, and more.

What billing codes does the HelloJoy platform enable me to charge?

Our platform makes you eligble to bill insurance for the following CPT codes: 99091, 96127, 96101, 96102, and 96103. Based on current CMS reimbursement rates, we've estimated that our platform can enable up to $40,000 in additional reimbursement revenue per clinician.

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