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Here are our most frequently asked questions:

Is Joy a human or a robot?

Joybot is a robotic digital friend. She's kind, curious, and aims to help build self-awareness around your mental health and wellness. Joy Coaches are humans -- more specifically, mental health professionals who are trained to help support you with depression, anxiety, worry, relationship issues, and more.

How can I get Joy to stop messaging me every day?

If you say "STOP", Joy will send you a menu where you can adjust or turn off your notification preferences. If you turn them off, Joy will still respond to your messages but won't check in proactively.

Is it free to use Joybot?

It's 100% free to use Joybot. She'll help you gain self-awareness into your mental health and wellbeing. If you ever want additional support on specific issues, Joybot can connect you to a Joy Coach. It costs $20 per chat session and $30 per video session. If you're interested in a subscription or bulk discount, please contact

Joy is sending me messages in the middle of the night. Can you change this?

Oh no! Sorry about that. To fix this, select "Settings" from the main menu and then "Change Timezone." Sharing your location with Joy should clear this up. If this doesn't work, please

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