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We get asked a lot...

What is Joy?

Joy is the easiest way to track and improve your mental health. Through daily checkins and passive monitoring, we'll surface up insights and patterns about your mood, thoughts, and behaviors. Joy will work with you to build out a toolkit of evidence based techniques to help you feel like the best version of yourself.

So is Joy a human or a robot?

The short answer is…both! Joy is powered by a combination of human and computer intelligence. This lets us provide affordable, convenient, and personalized care in an efficient manner!

Is it free to use Joy?

We offer a 7 day free trial. After that it's $10/month. Interested in Joy for your employees? Send us an email

How can I get Joy to stop messaging me every day?

If you say "STOP", Joy will send you a menu where you can adjust or turn off your notification preferences. If you turn them off, Joy will still respond to your messages but won't check in proactively.

What do you mean by evidence-based?

We know as well as anyone that the term evidence-based is thrown around quite a bit these days. Here at Joy, we have gone to great lengths to make sure that we do not use this term lightly. For us, being “evidence-based” means that all of the content you receive through Joy has been pulled directly from practices proven to be effective by scientific research. More specifically, our services are guided by a group of psychological approaches often referred to as “3rd-wave cognitive-behavioral therapy.” This group includes a number of research-backed approaches to mental health and wellbeing, most notably Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

What type of qualifications does your team have?

We love to bring a diverse range of behavioral health professionals to our coaching team! Our team comes from a range of health fields such as Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), Clinical Social Work (CSW), or Mental Health Counseling (MHC), among others.

What is your cancellation policy for coaching sessions?

We know that life happens. In the event of a cancellation, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance by contacting our support team at If a cancellation does occur within 24 hours of a schedule coaching session, you will be charged the regular fee for that session. We do this to ensure that all of our coaching time is being spent supporting those who need it!

Joy is sending me messages in the middle of the night. Can you change this?

Oh no! Sorry about that. To fix this, select "Settings" from the main menu and then "Change Timezone." Sharing your location with Joy should clear this up. If you're still having issues, Send us an email

Have feedback? Other questions? Please send us a note with any and all feedback, questions, or suggestions. Thanks! 🙌